LMI Sup 5000
Low Migration Inks

Special low migration mineral oil free series for printing packaging of odour and taste sensible fillings. I.e. suitable for printing food-, pharmaceutical- and cigarettes packaging.

Printing Substrates

Carton, coated and uncoated paper.


• Duct-fresh
• Low migration
• Low odour
• Fast setting


• 1kg vacuum tins • 2.5kg vacuum tins


Due to low oxidative drying properties the use of waterbased overprint varnish is highly recommended.

The selection of the raw materials for the LMI Sup 5000 series is according the the EuPia selection list. They are formulated in a way that a potential migration through the substrate or through set-off from the printed exterior side is as minimal as possible.

Attention should be paid to the fact that migration is also depending on the other conditions of the printing process and also on the sufficient barrier properties of the substrate/packaging.

The inks are suitable for in-direct food contact.